Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Started a ranting space. I have been having dreams again. They have been absent from my life for some time now. Last night I had the first dream that i remembered in months. I was home in bishop with the crush i had in high school and her three friends. We left to Las Vegas and when we arrived found a gothic wasteland of grey sky and ruin. Among the corroded avenues was an open air mansion bathed in light and filled with glamorous people. A row of waiters greeted us and as the guest at the party asked them for food they became white tigers. At first everyone was afraid but then in became joyful as we fed them slabs of meat and she turned to me and said, "hello Ray" and we kissed. In an instant I was back in portland in a resturant with a waiter staring uneasily at me.

This blog will be an attempt at streaming thought. Everyday logs should occur. They will be my dreams and thoughts but never daily occurrence only extraordinary occurrence. Perhaps through the mayhem some material will arise into my main blog.