Wednesday, September 1, 2010


   There where 296 people in tattered clothing. Everyone was on a great exodus out of the ruins of a city, perhaps it was vegas, but this time there was no party, no friends, just scared faces. When I would ask what is wrong they would just look at me too terrified to speak. We at last reached a podium where the senator palpatine from the star wars prequels gave a speech telling every one that they where all sick and only some would get help. But the people no longer moved and where in fact statues of partial humans. I asked the senator what was the sickness and he pointed to a hoard of bandits screaming across the sand.

  Dreams are matterless. I don't mean that they do not matter, like they are not important, but that they contain no mass. All things in existence, all matter, according to science, has mass. The idea of a world being conceived in my head fascinates me to no end. How can such things be matterless? Does it reaffirms that there is a greater plain of existence which cannot be measured?
   Dark matter supposedly exist everywhere in greater quantities than normal matter. Yet it cannot be seen and at present is only an imaginary thing that explains phenomenon unexplainable without it. It is truly a matterless idea, a matterless thought. Does it give hope that thought and dreams are the window into the depths of the universe and its secrets? Or do we make up these matterless thoughts in order to escape and deny the order of mass and physics, of the known and unchangeable?
...According to the science makers Dark Matter is ripping the universe apart. A vastly powerful force that we aren't sure exists, and until it is given mass, it will be our matterless thoughts that destroys the cosmos....

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