Sunday, September 19, 2010


Was in the mountains, rolling green mountains with scattered pine trees about and outcroppings of granite jutting out of the ground everywhere. Was riding my bike in a pack of people I didn't know down a steep two lane road. We went around a sharp right hand curve, I drifted out too far and hit an oncoming truck and flew off my bike. I got up and found my bike with a bent front wheel being the only damage done. The pack off bikers left and I continued to ride with a broken wheel until a small compact sedan pulled up and stopped. I could not see inside the car but I got up on top the back window of the car as they took off into the forest. The ride was terrifying as I thought I would fall off the car at any moment. We arrived in a very dark wooded location at a shack made of plywood pinned up between tree's. I went inside and there it fades from memory until I awoke in a breathless panic.

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