Thursday, September 2, 2010


When I said I started having dreams again I wasn't quite honest. I have been having dreams that have been focus on a single subject and what I should have said is I was having dreams that are not related to that subject. That subject being sarah. I was in a car with all the friends I had from santa cruz. we went to a party and she was there. As soon as i saw her i began to yell at her. She would run and hide behind all my friends who would push me away and protect her. As in all these types of dreams I never talk to her she just keeps running and I wake up completely wrecked.

For a long time before college I really never dreamed. They say that dreaming is your brains way of resolving problems from the previous days of conscience. I used to think so much and found solutions through thought (very socratic i know), but upon the dawn of relationships, the loss of friends, and the start of the so called pursuit of happiness, i find my thoughts alone unable to cope with the feelings I have. It is as though action must facilitate thought. A person cannot fully think through a thought without the physical anchors to make it cognate. Perhaps this is why dreams are so abstract, because they try to complete a thought without reality, and tell a story that can only be deciphered through the dreamers waking life. I guess that is why it is important to think about your dreams and why i am so glad to be having new dreams and more of them. Perhaps they shall guide me away from the Sirens.

This also makes me think of an interesting point. What is the difference between art and dreaming? Art exists in reality yet it represents the dream. Does the creation of art complete the dream or does the dream complete art's physical manifestation? It depends if art is capable of being a purely ethereal entity, if it can live without canvass or words, because for sure we know it is capable of being an object.

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