Saturday, September 4, 2010


Vague memories of last night. It seems all of my dreams are in the west, the old west. Decrepit buildings and tired wandering faces. I do love the idea of the west even though its a sick vision. The modern mechanical machine of civilization stormed in from Europe and reached a frighteningly fast pace of colonization across the American west. We murdered our history. The other hemispheres have millenniums of culture, we killed ours and sent the corpse to Oklahoma. Nothing captures this madness better that the lawless era know as the "old west." Walk through any deserted boom-town and think this is our Acropolis, this is our heritage, wooden shacks built by murders and thieves. So why do I love this sick history? Because we live in a brave new hemisphere. We are free to make our culture without the choke of tradition. We can be good, bad, or most often--ugly.

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