Sunday, September 5, 2010


Upon taking this task i did not realize the utter vagueness of my dreams or the attempted recollection of these dreams the day after. What if i remember all my dreams and they are just flashes and fragments? At one point I was home in the desert and we walked around the town like quantum leap status, one place to another seamlessly, being merry. Another was a letter that said "i love you" on it, and i was really happy to see her say that. Then being in willows, a grove of weeping willows with soft grass i sat upon.

Its hard for me to pull anything out of this dream really. It seems the nature of the dream, the rapid movement, random occurrence, lack of narrative. Am i forgetting large vast swaths of time? And if so, why these fragments? In my other blog my last poem talks about how we are all just fragments bonded together to form a person. "Born old," is to say we are already falling apart once we are born and we must constantly assemble new pieces to prevent a total loss of a person, a waste of a life. We find these pieces through life and the dream pieces are by far the most interesting. Even if incomprehensible.

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