Saturday, November 27, 2010


Many people think that there is one true love. The fact that there is 6 billion people makes the chances of finding that one is on par with your chances of getting struck by lightning. So therefore, you cannot hope to find "the one" but you can hope to find "a one." A one person who wants to be your one. This is the only hope is that two people meet and WANT the other to be the one. Once, both persons agree they want the other to be the one for them, that desire is all it takes, or rather it must be, if the idea of true love is to be true. So many look for another that will be better without ever considering that what they see in an other is nothing but an illusion of lust. I could go further to prove this point, but anyone who has truly loved, knows the validity of this statement.


There is a chance we may never grow old. The skin may sag but now we have networked minds. The human knowledge is collected in these cyber webs. Growing ever more, catching everything, I fear not the world leaving me behind because I am one with every other mind, all knowledge one could learn, and shall ever remain vigilant.

I wonder if I will look back as an old man with fondness upon the antiquities I grew up with. Green screens, knobs and buttons, libraries. I wonder if these youngsters will ever know such primitive things, or need to know about them. I wonder if we are the first of a generation or the last of our kind?