Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So I know I said I was giving up and I mean that in the sense I will never give myself to another again. The naive view of love and honesty is false (the focus of previous posts) and I am succumbing to the common selfishness that has consumed the rest of society--I will finally ascribe too. Not out of selfishness, but out of protection, for when one gives oneself and is not returned, you are vulnerable. And giving oneself to another is a relationship--to me at least. So I give up giving myself up selflessly to another. And weed too... hence another long overdue dream...

I was with friends. Ridgecrest and Bishop friends. There where leeches everywhere. If they stayed on you too long they would burrow under you skin and you could see them as bulging lines under the skin, predominately on the head. My mom told my had burrowed in to my head. I looked in the mirror and saw a huge leech  running from temple to temple. The temple of entrance began to bleed and soon all veins and arteries passing through the temple began to grow large and a dark crimson. They began to burst and I began to die. Everyone else afflicted came to help and then I woke up.